Senior All Source Intelligence Analyst J2X (CI/HUMINT) with Security Clearance

Company Name:
Position: Senior All Source Intelligence Analyst J2X (CI/HUMINT)
Location: Ft. Bragg, NC
Clearance: Current TS/SCI
Position Overview:
Seeking Senior All-Source Analyst with strength in CI-HUMINT activities to fill positions supporting a US Government client in Fayetteville, NC. The Analyst should have a strong record of achievement in HUMINT analysis, fusion and production as well as familiarity with the CI-HUMINT Targeting process. Analyst will primarily serve as part of J2X Reach back team/section supporting US Government Special Operations Forces with the potential of short notice and surge operations abroad. Analyst will employ a thorough knowledge and application of the F3EA methodologies, state-of-the-art technologies, and communications processes to act independently and as part of an Asset Validation Panel to support client activities
Duties performed
Analyzes CI/HUMINT data pertinent to counter-terrorism, subversion, sabotage, espionage, paramilitary/insurgency, organized crime and threats to force protection and personnel and physical infrastructure security.
Operates threat analysis systems and provides mission essential continuity during transition of authority and throughout day to day operations.
Coordinates with external CI/HUMINT activities (e.g. CJ2X, national elements, planning staffs).
Produces reports, studies and briefings, and maintains CI database.
Analyzes, reviews, and integrates intelligence data received from sources including CI/HUMINT teams, national level HUMINT platforms, Locally Employed Personnel (LEP) screening cell, host nation CI elements, and CID for possible exploitation.
Utilizes multiple intelligence disciplines to support HUMINT reporting.
Assists with technical control of the Tactical HUMINT Analysis Teams (HAT) with CI issues.
Facilitates information, updates, and maintains files, SOP's, and calendars.
Assists to ensure Requests for Information, Source Directed Requirements, and HUMINT Collection Requirements are forwarded to appropriate HUMINT collection assets.
Ensures that the HUMINT Collection focus is updated and routed for authorization prior to publication. Reviews collection products to ensure the collection focus is being met.
Quality control of CI/HUMINT reports before release. Subject matter expert on HUMINT/CI related issues.
Proficient in basic
applications and tradecraft intelligence related automation to support analytical efforts and production development.
Strong research, oral and writing skills to effectively operate as a member of an analytical team.
Practical Experience in the application of the F3EA methodology and Special Operations
Education: BA/BS or higher degree preferred
Must have minimum 6 years of practical analytical experience within DoD or equivalent agencies with operational level experience.
Travel Requirements: Potential Travel CONUS and abroad - not to exceed 35%. Willing and able to response to short notice/critical contingency operation.
2 years recent experience in CT, Regional issues and HUMINT/SIGINT and/or political/military analysis.
Graduate of Service All-Source analyst producing school or equivalent civilian training
Physical fitness requirements: candidates must be medically fit for overseas travel and rigorous schedule.
Attended an Asset Validation Course (Military or private sector equivalent)
Practical experience in general military intelligence and, counterintelligence (CI), and/or Information Operations (IO).
Successful completion of an asset validation course (Military or private sector equivalent)
Must be able to work well in a fast-paced environment and under pressure.
Strong interpersonal and management skills

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