Sr SharePoint Developer

Company Name:
STG, Inc.
Join STG, Inc. and watch your career soar Sharepoint Developer! Be part of a diverse team of men and women who solve the most challenging problems today.
This candidate is responsible for all aspects of portal administration and operations from the design, layout and coding of a website to content management. Involved in all technical and graphical aspects of a website, how the site works and how it looks. Migrations, maintenance and updating of existing sites is required. Before designing a website, a SharePoint designer/developer will help collect and establish requirement documentations such as:
Establish the purpose of the website based upon its target audience
Identify the type of content the site will host
Determine any functionality that the site must support
Provide guidance on layout, colors and styles and determine the type of technology to use on site creation
Once programming begins the developer will:
Write the programming code from scratch, adapt existing website code or utilize out of the box solutions
Test the website and identify any technical problems
Document all aspects of the website or web application
develop end user training videos and documentation
Upload the site, application or web part onto a server for utilization
Baseline Certification IAT - II: (Security+, GSEC, or SSCP)
Computing Environment (Required within 120 days of hire): Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified Professional Developer or Microsoft Certified IT Professional
Security Clearance
Secret Clearance

Experience working with the following languages is highly desired: C#, VBA, , IIS, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Java, XML, XSLT. jQuery
-Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer 2007/2010
-SharePoint 2007/210 Solutions Development
-AJAX Web Development
-Understanding of SharePoint sites architecture, branding, content types and general SharePoint customization
-Experience with SharePoint Workflow and Infopath in a mixed client operating environment
Desired Experience:
The ideal candidate will have experience with design and development of both SharePoint and custom web related projects, including design, development, implementation, and management of web technologies, services and SharePoint solutions. The applicant should have awareness of Smartcard authentication within the Web or SharePoint environments, familiarity working with the Government/Military. Acquaintance with their government/Military security regulations and policies is a plus. Knowledge of working with the SharePoint Sandbox environment would be beneficial.

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