Joint Battle Command - Platform (JBC-P)/Force Battle Command Brigade Field Service Technician (FST)

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Subject Matter Expert on all FBCB2 (EPLRS & BFT). Provides Commanders and Staff recommendations on how to best leverage FBCB2 systems to meet their operational needs
Attends BUB/CUB and provide advice on FBCB2/BFT employment to enhance the mission during mission planning, briefings, execution and AAR's. FSRs should be present for day/night TOC soldier shift change. There is critical information passed at these shift changes.
Attend C6/G6/S6 Shift change briefing, and participate C6/G6/S6 conference calls to identify issues with FBCB2/BFT system outlying sites.
Develop / Integrate training programs (Initial, familiarization, sustainment and advanced) in conjunction with the DMT to ensure Commanders, Staff and soldier are proficient with the system.
Provide Commanders and Staff with recommendations on SOP development.
Will be embedded with the unit (when deployed you will live and move with the Unit)
Provides assistance to the S6/G6/C6 and S-3/G-3
Mentoring and advanced technical training for 25Us, 74B and 94B on capabilities, fault isolation and repair procedures
Assists S6/G6 on developing Maintenance programs and SOPs. for PMCS programs (daily, monthly, semiannually, annually)
Assist S6/S4/SSA on replacement LRUs and or entire platform replacement procedures.
Works in concert with SSA and CECOM LARS to ensure faulty LRUs are processed and replaced thru the standard army supply system.
Assists S6/G6 on Role management procedures
Provide technical assistance and mentoring of 25Us for de-install and install of system from like platform to like platform. Discourages and does not participate in installing platforms without approved installation safety releases i.e. can't put HMMWV Common into M1113 HMMWV.
Assists the S4/G4/PBO during Fielding of new equipment.
Ensures all FBCB2 (EPLRS & BFT) equipment is operational and properly accounted for
Provides technical assistance to the ELM shop
Assistance on developing SOPs for maintaining and tracking replacement parts, cables and equipment turned in for repair.
Provides advanced technical training to ensure fault verification
Understands General Order # 1 when assigned to overseas area
FSR gets a POC Roster from unit prior to deployment
Maintains documentation supporting every FBCB2 by role and bumper number in assigned units.
Knows status of all FBCB2 systems and works with unit thru S-4 / G-4 to ensure parts are validated on order to rectify deficiencies.
Provide training/troubleshoot of UPPER TI platforms (AIC/IV4TIMS) and be able to explain role functionality/effect on FBCB2 network
Provide input on CSMA Server placement.
Maintain Master hard drive, when new software is fielded, check hard drive to ensure all maps are loaded that your unit require, before mass hard drive burn.
Ensure all hard drive are properly labeled before issuing
Ensure that all MT 2011's are properly reported when install and gain access to the BFT network.
FSS SK3 keys are sent ENCRYPTED to the BGN
Interface with the Unit C6/G6/S6 or XO for work space, telephone lines secure and non-secure, and access to SIPRNET and NIPRNET.
Interface Unit to provide transportation.
Requires High School level plus some advanced training. 4-5 years of experience.
This technician performs simple routine tasks under close supervision or from detailed procedures. Work is checked in progress or on completion. This person performs one or a combination of such typical duties as:
Assembling or installing equipment or parts requiring simple wiring, soldering, or connecting.Performing simple or routine tasks or tests such as tensile or hardness tests; operating and adjusting simple test equipment; records test data.Gathering and maintaining specified records of engineering data such as tests, drawings, etc.; performing computations by substituting numbers in specified formulas; plotting data and draws simple curves and graphs.

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